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With the ever changing industry, one thing that cannot ever falter is the safety of our employees. With the risk involved in our field of work, we strive to root a safe mentality into everyone at M4; from owner to employee. Not only does this keep our general contractors content by minimizing possibility of injuries on a site, but it helps with our ultimate goal of sending everyone home to their families safely. 

All employees are put through the necessary training at the New Employee Orientation

prior to commencing work at any M4 site. All supervisors have been trained for CPR, First Aid, and Bloodborn Pathogens - all those trained have been certified. They are consistently being retrained and reminded of the proper and safe ways to approach situations at work through our mandatory safety meetings. Also, all employees partake in a weekly safety meeting conducted by our supervisors to speak of industry standard safe practices and job-specific safety issues. All employees also participate in a large semiannual safety seminar to remind of safe work practices. Employees are encouraged to be safe through our quarterly safety incentives which can be company lunches, gift cards, tool credits, etc. M4 believes in giving back to its employees in thanks for the employee giving a 100% effort to being safe.

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